Chemistry in Our Kitchen

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Chemistry plays a big part in our daily life. We start and end our day with Chemistry. We can’t live without Chemistry. One can find Chemistry in our day to day life that foods we eat are digesting by “Digestion” air we breathe by “Respiration” Cleaning.

Citric Acid in Our Foods

Citric acid used in foods and gave sour-tasting nature. We are specially used for preserving foods and medicines. Lemon juice, Vinegar, contains citric acid. It acts as an antioxidant; it protects the body from damaging free radicals.

Why Onions Make Us Cry

When we cut or chop onions, it releases some compound that triggers tears glands from eyes. Onions contain a particular enzyme called synthase. This enzyme reacts with the sulfur and forms a new chemical compound, which is called syn-Propanethial S-oxide.

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