7 Top essentials Tools Should In Your Kitchen

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If you keep these top essentials in your kitchen when you can cook every day, you feel easy and comfortable using these utensils. These basic utensils should be in your kitchen if you become a good chef, with the time being we can upgrade and evolve these utensils.

Roasting Pan
Cutting Board
Chef’s Knife
Large and Small spoons
Baking Dish

Roasting Pan

      The roasting pan is a special pan for roasting meat in the oven with or without different vegetables and other ingredients. A roasting pan is basically made from aluminum steel with the removable rusk and non-stick surface in the base with high sides and coated with enamelware. Roasting pan also used for baking purposes and can hold vegetables and other ingredients when meat put on the rusk juices absorbs by these vegetables during the cooking. 

Different types of tasting pan are available in the market, some roasting pans made with aluminum foil and that pans are less expensive and become wasted after one time use, some categories made with stainless steel, some are made from cast iron which is basically used for the making brown color meat before roasting in the oven.

  Cutting Board

      The kitchen cutting board is mainly made from wood but now, cutting boards available in marble, plastic, rubber, and glass forms and also comes in different width and sizes. Cutting board used in the kitchen for cutting vegetables and fruits and other than the kitchen cutting boards used for the cutting of raw materials like leather and plastics.

The wooden cutting board has an advantage over the other versions of cutting boards because of the cuts on the wooden cutting board self-healing and phenomenon not found in other types of cutting boards.

Cutting board saved your hands from the cut, especially on the thumb area. So, it is necessary for the kitchen.

    Chef’s Knife

    The Chef’s knife used for the multi-purposes in the kitchen, no cutting process takes place without a knife, used in the food preparation. Chef’s knife is the most important piece in the kitchen, 

    Chef’s knife generally made with a blade of 20cm in length and 3.5cm in width. Mostly knife made with carbon steel, stainless steel, laminated, ceramic blades.

    The knife is used for cutting foods like vegetables, fruits, for the purpose of mincing, for slicing, chopping, and especially disjointing the large pieces of meat. 


   An electrical mixer is a device in the kitchen which is mainly used for making dough and beater. It is basically an electric machine with the driven mechanism which rotates the set of beaters in the vessel which containing food that has to prepare.

 The kitchen mixer used when you want to make a plain homogenous mixture of liquids or semi-liquid materials. 

 Some of the mixers are hand mixers that usually used for beating eggs and other kinds are electric mixers having 10 times more speed than a hand mixer. Both kinds of Mixes are made from high-quality plastic and the beating areas made from good quality of steel.

So, as a good,  have to keep it in your kitchen which will very helpful for making food.

Large and Small spoon

There is a huge kind of spoons that use fora different purposes. Spoon used for the transfer of edibles from the vessel to your mouth. Both large and small spoon has more varieties. Spoon’s name and its identity change with the food eating style.

The coffee spoon is smaller than the teaspoons and uses in coffee cups.

Dessert spoon larger than tablespoons and uses in eating dessert or cereals.

Bouillon spoons are rounded bowled that is just smaller than the soup spoons

The ladle is a larger spoon type which is deep and uses to convey the soup and foods

The stirrer is a spoon has a large stem and uses to stir the drinks or liquid-like something

The tablespoon is large in size and in the UK used for serving and in the USA used for eating.

Rice spoon uses to serving rice that is somewhat flat in shape and available in different sizes.


A blender is a famous appliance in the kitchen and laboratory used for the emulsifying, dissolving completely food products. It consists of a container having the steel blade that powered with the motor that fixed at the base of the blender. It comes in different versions like plastic, stainless steel, glass blender, people buy these according to their interest.

For grinding semi-solid materials, for the chopping f fruit and vegetables, provide milkshake making property and, helps in solid substances into liquids.

So, for all these properties every kitchen should have this appliance to make easy your job.

Baking dish

The baking dish is a special dish used for baking purposes. It made up of aluminum and very best for the baking because the aluminum bake the cake or any other food equally and heat distribute evenly.

Baking dish has an adjustable clip on the side of the dish, another quality off aluminum baking dish never get a dent or wrap. If you want to bake a cake at your home you have must take this baking dish.

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