UseTool Converter and Calculator Application


UseTool Converter & Calculator Application

Among many other calculating and tool apps that you find on Google play store and other websites there are a few that stand out loud. When it comes to mathematics and calculation and standard unit conversions people look for more and more solutions. Using the simple calculator does not suffice, so people look for scientific tools. These applications are designed especially for students. If you are looking for calculating and converting app combined then this android app named UseTool Converter & Calculator with version 20.1 is the best among all. It is most suitable for everyday calculations and even more like conversions. It is a free app and also has in app purchases that make it much better. The size is also very less, the size of the app is just 6.1 MB of space is needed to download and install it.
The interface is of UseTool easy and is intuitive. The interface is also customizable you can easily change the font, color and background. With this much of capabilities and features you are no longer in need of separate calculators and applications for calculating and basic unit conversions. Get this app and enjoy free calculating and converting. This application is also available in Portuguese language. This calculator supports currency conversions also, gets the currency details online. It also saves the calculating and conversion history, so if you look back it will have those. One extra feature in this one is the numeric conversions, the binary, hexa-decimal, decimal. Truly an all in one converter.

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Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq