Travel with Coronavirus

Travel and Tourism

Over the last six months, people are in lockdown millions of people face coronavirus and lost their lives, some people lost their beloved near to their heart, due to this tough condition every country closed their border for visitors and completely lockdown themselves.

On the other side, man nature is the opposite of lockdown he wants to visit outside and can’t stay at home, people want to stretch their legs these days. Some countries slowly starting to reopen flights to welcome visitors.










Airlines requierments 

Due to COVID-19, that’s very tough to keep social distance secondly, it’s impossible to buy their own an airplane for traveling, airlines make the rule for passengers requiring to wear the mask, keep physical distance between the passengers, stay away from the crowd.

If you are traveling with some people, you have to follow this hygiene advice:

  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and use latex gloves

  • After hand wash, use sanitizer

  • Wear a mask

  • Don’t touch your face before washing hands

  • Use fresh juices if available during the flight

Some country flight policies have been changed the cancellation policy is changed which means that you can change your flight without penalty. Airlines are going to make it easier to travel for us.


Hotels and restaurants  

In many cities, settlements, and arrangements for people have been closed or focus on reduced capacity work. Restaurants and hotels take care of their customers. Hotels and restaurant management make rules for guests.

  • They set medical staff for a health check-up for guests.
  • They enhance the cleaning of common areas like reception, pools, fitness center.
  • Most hotels and restaurants make flexible their cancelation policy. 
  • You can Change booking commitment, In other words, booking policy becomes so fluid.


Amazing Places where you should go 

Reed Flute Caves, China

The Reed Flute Caves is the most beautiful and attractive place in China. It’s a  “Palace of Natural Arts”  in real words. It is a limestone cave with multicolored lighting. It actually an amazing place for tourists in China. It is 180 million years old.


The Great Wall of China, China

The Great Wall of China basically built for the purpose of defense defends the invasions from some northern nomadic nations. It stretches over 4000 miles of northern China, twice the distance from Seattle to Chicago.


Redwood National Park, California, USA

The “Redwood National Park” in California is a string of forests, beaches, and shady places. This state park is full of grassy cover and looks beautiful. Most interesting is that there is no entrance fee for Redwood National Park. 


After visiting these beautiful places you will feel relax from this typical routine and maybe you will back to health and get rid of coronavirus. You should visit these amazing places before you die.


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