The Matchstick Game Puzzle with matches


The Matchstick Game- Puzzle with matches

Did you ever play with matchsticks when you were young? As a child you must have arranged those sticks and then had a lot of fun removing one or two sticks to get a new thing, a name or a shape etc. now a days no one has time for those old games to be played in real life, some people might even think of it as a time waste. Well there are many games of such sort that are available online as your smartphone apps and one of them is this Puzzle with matches. An app that will take you back when you were young and used to play this puzzle with your friends.
This is a free to download app and is available easily on Google play store and web. It is a game that also offers some cool in app purchases. The game is for everyone, children or even the middle aged, aged people. It needs android version 2.3 and higher to run and install. The size of the game is 3.85 MB.
The game is very interactive and is able to make you learn a lot. It is one of the oldest puzzle games. You will see the game as a screen of several matches and you will have to remove or add matches to make it perfect.  The game also offers hints, some problems are easy some are a real tester. So make sure that you know how to play. An easy interactive game on your smartphone.

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Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq