The Last App Switcher


Have you ever experienced the need of opening an app let’s say a messenger while you are browsing the web. How hectic it is and not easy at all? There are many ways that a person can switch to the last app that was open to read the message or the notification, but most of the process is manual and there is no switch button to those apps. What if there was a button? What if it was easy as a remote control on the TV that has a last channel button, no matter what you are watching just tap that button and you will be taken to that last channel you were viewing. This app works the same way, think of that button in your smartphone, how easy will it be for you to work. The app is “LAS - last app switcher”. This helps you get rid of this problem.
The app is just 0.7 MB. And the current version of the app is 1.99.5. The app needs android 3.0 or higher versions to be installed. This has a very easy interface and a cool way to sue this app. All your app switching problems are solved. The app works with a movable button that can be pressed at any time. This movable button floats on all of your apps, well it might be annoying for a few people but it is worth it. Just tap no the button and you will be directed to the last app that you were using before this on.

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Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq