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Shout! For Messenger – A Unique Android Application
There are many android applications on the play store and other places on the web that can help you send messages, but a few are there that have some unique options. One of them is the “Shout for Messenger”. It is a user friendly app that allows you to send messages to your friends in a better and an animated manner. The “Shout for Messenger” app is a one of a kind app.
If you have been trying to get your message across to your friends or family and want to do it in an animated way then try this app. Consider this new app, the best feature of this application is that it combines the text with photos. You can easily add text on your photos in your gallery or the ones you take. It then plays the photos with text back as a sentence. This helps to get your point across easily and in an interactive manner.
The app has the current version 1.0 and is of 882K in size, very small and is compatible with almost all mobile devices. It works on the Android versions higher than 4.0.3. So, if you are looking to give some animation and text to your photos and then send them across the web to your friends this is the best app for your smartphone. The “Shout for Messenger” is one of a kind android application, the best app that can give you a chance to say something in a new manner. 

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Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq