NewsLoop News Android App


NewsLoop News android app

Have you ever wanted to get news on the local or international lifestyle updates? There are a lot of changes going on out there in the lifestyle world, magazines and fashions and much more. New inventions and creations are a part of everyday lifestyle and if you are interested in such news then you must have a habit of reading Magazines and local or international news of sort in the web. It can take a lot of time to scroll through all the news of the countries and try and find something interesting or worth reading. There are many android apps that help you get this kind of news and one of the latest and famous apps is the Newsloop. It offers news of local and international level that relates to lifestyle and offers news from more than 600 publishers all over the globe. This is a very cool app that can do much more for your news.
It is a small app 2.3 MB in size and can vary from device to device, requires 2.3.6 OS and higher to install and run. It is easy to sue and has a very easy to learn interface. It brings news from lifestyle categories from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Philippines. You can easily read the local news of these countries, there are over 30 categories of news lifestyle that you can view. There are many cool features also that you can get with OS 4.0 and higher. If you want the news it is here.

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Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq