My Dolphin Show Android Game


There are many games available on the play store and on the web for android phones that involve animals. You must have played games with cats, or dogs or running people etc. There are a few games that are for the dolphin lovers. If you are looking for an android app that will help you crave your dolphin love and help you train it then you should get the My Dolphin Show android game. An interactive game that helps you train the dolphin and perform various shows in front of the audience. These games are designed for the animal lovers. All you need is to search, install and play.
The game is 47.2 MB in size and is available in version 1.8.2 and is for android version 2.3 or higher. There are many cool in app purchases, so if you want some more you can buy. The game has a dolphin not in a small aquarium but the big sea or a water park. There are a lot of tricks that you will see your dolphin can do, hit the ball, do some hurdle jumping, doughnut jumping, jump through rings, splash the audience wet, score a soccer goal and many more.
The game offers a total of 39 fun outfits, 39 animals to play with. The game has 72 levels and can perform all those indifferent countries all over the world.  The game also has an Olympic option that you will have to achieve by scoring better with your dolphin.

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Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq