How to make Backup of Contacts, Photos, Videos and Messages of Android Phone


As we all know that if we lost our contact, photos videos and some important and personal messages how hilarious that moment would be for us .because there are some personal contact in our phone book that we need for our personal interaction, some private photos of us and our family some videos and as well some important messages.
We don’t want to lose them at any cost but unfortunately if we lose all this important stuff then there is nothing needs to be panic. There are lots of solutions for the recovery of this precious stuff many manual methods as well.
But the best method to recover all these stuff is by the apps method. There are many apps present in the current world which help us to recover all of our data but in this article we will discuss the most prominent apps which help us to recover our data.
Unless you go to Google play store and use back up app but you don’t know which is the best suited app for you .fortunately we have gone through this lengthy process just so you don’t have to go for this process. Below is a list of the most prominent and the best 3 apps which we will use to recover or data and these are the most top recommendations:

 1) G Cloud Backup

The Best Android Backup App
G Cloud Backup app aims to be all in one backup solution for your android device. How ever it will allow you to backup your contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, music and videos.
G Cloud Backup app does not back your app data such as (game progress, app settings etc).
G Cloud will attempt your back up data every day and it will continue to do so whenever it will find a Wi-Fi connection or detects Wi-Fi connection and it will to so but on one condition that you battery level should be above then 25%.
You can easily select the data which you want to back up .on a personal note i recommend you that you should only select that data which is more precious and sensitive for you e.g. some of your personal pictures, videos, music, etc.
FEATURES of G Cloud Back up App:
Some of the most important features of G Cloud Backup:
•    It backup all of your data to the cloud (1GB of free storage)
•    Users can easily earn up to 10GB of free storage
•    It will Secure data transfer and storing      
•    Have a scheduled of Automatic backups
•    Will back up every version of every file
•    It is completely free

2) Super backup

Super Backup is one of the best and highly recommended top android app that can upload the back ups to G-mail. if you’d rather save your backups to G-mail instead of a separate cloud device  then this is the best app for you and you are looking for this
Super Backup does not back up all of your data with just a single click .instead of this you have to select all of the data and data type which you want for your back individually e.g. (SMS, Contact, Call Logs, Calendars etc).
The supper back up app has 2 version one is paid and other is free will discuss about free version here.
 Some of the important Features which are available in the free version are as follows:
•    It backs up the data to your SD card or G-mail.
•    It helps for SMS, Contacts, Call Logs backup
•    It has a scheduled for Automatic Backups
•    Ad Supported

3. Go Backup

Go Backup & Restore is also a most top recommended app which is made by the same developer who created the Go launcher app.
You can easily store your Files, Pictures, Calls, Contacts, Bookmarks etc by using Go Back Up app.
In this app you can easily select the data which you want to back up just by clicking the check boxes.
Like Super back up app it also has 2 versions Free and Paid
Although the free version of Go Backup & Restore app does its job very well but for SMS and MMS type of data you have to switch to its paid version which is a bit weird but it will help you more concisely.
But here we will discuss just about its free version
Some of the main features of free version of Go Backup & Restore app is:
•    It restores and backup ups APK
•    It restores and backup ups app data
•    It restores and backup ups Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmark etc.

Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq