How to Work from Home is better than Office


Many businessmen and employees working from home for many years and special thanks to Tech to give this opportunity. 85% of people agree with work from home is best. Every job has pros and cons, similarly, work from home has some Pros and Cons, but it does not suppress the validation of Work from home rather than an office. Moreover,  the importance of work from home become gradually increases due to this epidemic outbreak. Most of the company owner agrees to the work from home, and keenly think about “How productivity increases through work from home”

These are some points which need to follow when we do work from home

  1. You  should keep the schedule of work that you have to complete in a single day 
  2. You have to focus on, How you can be more productive?
  3. It needs to eliminate distractions 
  4. It also needs to take breaks during work.
  5. You should keep a to-do list 

Follow Work Schedule

The most important point to stay productive should follow the work schedule. Its popular point for an employee manages his work in time, a 50% chance increase in his promotion. 

The employee should maintain the same schedule they did when they went office, It keeps him more efficient and make him more productive.  


Take Breaks

During work for more productivity employees should take breaks. It is confirmed from research that an office worker taking short breaks than an employee in there home, and shows more productivity. 

 Encourage your employee to take a break about 20 minutes after 2 hours, and take care of it, make sure that they don’t waste time, or take more time more than 20-30 minutes. In break take snacks, walk around their home, talk with their parents and friends. 

These are some golden points which employee have to follow:

  1. Select the task 
  2. Work on the selected task about 25 minutes
  3. After 25 minutes, put a mark on a sheet and take a short break
  4. In this way, complete the task in four series by taking short breaks 
  5. After complete, the task, take a longer breaks  
  6. It’s a super and more efficient way to stay productive 


Keep a to-do list 


keep a to-do list for more efficient work. It benefits employees to complete their work on time.  Worker saves from stress and he always keeps in mind that what he has to do today, which task he has done firstly. 

You should stay in touch remotely with your employees. Modern research found that employees giving more productive when working remotely. You should arrange a meeting after one week and discuss the problems, work issues, discuss the progress of work with your employee. 

Eliminate interruptions


It’s a big difference between work at the office and working remotely.

The worker should stay away from all distractions. The research found that 8% of the workers can’t eliminate distractions. They all distract from social media, phone calls, TV shows, people’s interruption, and all these things make employee weeker in his work, encourage your workers to stay away from all these things. 

They should focus on their work, silent their phone, stay away from family members during work, and sit on a chair rather than the couch, sofa, or any other place that commonly not found in your office for you.

To follow these points, you can get more productivity

Pros and Cons of working remotely


The big disadvantage of working remotely is that employees far from his boss, and employees do not follow the time schedule properly. 

6% of workers follow and focus on their work. Sometimes want to talk with their workers for instructions urgently and all the workers not available at the same time due to many distractions like internet issues, the worker is busy in his personal work. 

The main benefit is that boss has not to arrange an office, electricity, internet, pick and drop for employees and this is a big advantage.

The worker gets rid of daily traffic problems, get up early in the morning, prepare for office, and many other problems. Employees get rid of every hectic day routine.


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