How to Save Smart Phone Battery Life


It is very important thing to use mobile with its great life. We can look that in the following way. Our article comprises the answer of following questionable knowledge.

How to use mobile in good way.
How to use maximum battery life.
How to boost your phone speed.
How to take long battery timing.

For the above important things, we should follow these tips to get your goal.

1.    Control the brightness at your desire level. Even if you set your brightness at AUTO level, there is also option to reduce the brightness manually to your desire level. Its means if you are mostly spend time inside the office, home or shop you should keep your brightness below the AUTO level until you need to watch some high definition images or videos which required more brightness.

2.    Use wifi on/off button to save your mobile battery. As you have routine to switch off your electrical appliance when you finished your work or turned off lights at the time of sleeping. You should turned off the wifi button when you don’t use internet or you are away from office, home or any place where wifi connections are not available. I recommend you all to turn off wifi when you are going to sleep. It will save your battery maximum.

3.    Bluetooth on/off is also save batter timing. Just turn on the Bluetooth at the time of data transfer. As you finished the data transfer, please turn off the Bluetooth. Even if you want to transfer large files, use the WIFI-DIRECT option, which save time and transfer the data speedily.

4.    Personal Hotspot/wife. This option must be off, if you are not sharing your internet with other devices.

5.    Synchronizing emails. There are few options to sync the emails. If you set the PUSH option, it will consume more battery by try again and again to sync. For better use of battery, you should set it to 15minutes, 30minutes, 1hour or manually option.  

6.    Notification Panel helps you to save battery life. Mostly there are many things turned ON unnecessary, like Location Service, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. Just turn ON the things which you are using. In order to see the details about any notifications you can pull down the notification bar like a drop down curtain, just slide your finger from the top of the screen down-wards.

7.    Turn off Data Connections, if you are connected with wifi internet connection or you are not using internet or you are going to sleep. This will save your money plus energy also.

8.    Use the handsfree instead of speakers. If you are listening something alone, try to use handfree. Because speakers get more power.

9.    Vibrate control. Vibrate can be used with Call Ringing, Message Ringing and in Silent mode. You need to adjust it with your requirement. If it is not necessary, you should keep it OFF.

10.    Sound Effects. Check dial pad tune, touch tune, etc. Turn them OFF, because each time your use keypad or screen, they consumed battery. Just keep the essential notification tunes ON.

11.    Don’t use mobile as gaming device. If you use mobile mostly for playing games, it will certainly effect the health of mobile and battery as well.

12.    Use the Flash only if needed. Also avoid to use Camera if the battery level is down. Also avoid the unnecessary snap shoots.

13.    Turn Off the Auto Time Zone/Update. Because each time you change your location it determines your current/new location and makes changes accordingly. All that needs battery usage.

14.    Auto Update Apps. Always turn off that option, because you don’t need to update all the new version of all installed apps. You should do it manually. Just update those apps which you deem fit.

15.    Charging with proper way. It is very important for battery life. Every battery has its own cycle. Always try to charge your mobile when its charging came down to at least 20% limit or 20% battery left. Try to plug in the mobile until it is full charged. Don’t keep plugged in after full charged. Sometime people plugged in the charger for whole night and use the mobile whole day, which is totally bad practice, it hurts much the battery life. Battery Percentage in numbers can alert you in time for proper charging. Because numbers always generate good results.

If you have any issue or difficulty to implement the above mentioned tips for your specific mobile phone, you may write your query in the below comments or contact us directly, we will give your right solution.

Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq