How make your old and new PC or Laptop Faster


If you are worried about your system getting slow working, why you do not try Xtra-PC? You can fast your laptop/PC using Xtra-PCXtra-PC runs through your USB port. It works in window 10 or window 8 because newer Laptop/PC originally had both 8 and window 10, you need to disable Secure Boot.

Basically, Xtra-PC built on the proven foundation of Linux, It reversion the old, slow distended window operating system to make your system fast and convert it into an amazing faster system and gives high performance to your system.

How can we use Xtra-PC? Insert Xtra-PC device in the USB port on your system

Make sure that secure boot is disabled in your system or PC

Restart your computer or restart to Xtra-PC directly from your computer.

Instead of buying a new Laptop/PC, You just buy the Xtra-PC device and get your new computer, Xtra-PC device costs only in 35$ that is less costly than a new Laptop/PC cost. If you want to remove the device from your system first you have to shut down your PC/Laptop, now you can remove and use this device into another Laptop/PC.

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