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Using the face book can be purposed in basic two ways, the first one is for your use means for personal use, which includes the conversations chats chatting with friends and family members. The second use is for business point of view like promotion of your websites and products promotion of your services etc. they all can be named as face book marketing.
 We can’t refuse the fact that face book marketing has become an important and necessity factor use for every online business website. But do you even know how to use face book in a more efficient and useful manner for your online business or marketing of your website??If you don’t know don’t worry i will use some useful tips and tricks and some different ideas to get benefited from it.
1) Use bigger and clearer images:
This is one of the most  important and you can say that mandatory marketing strategies that whenever you make use of face book marketing for the promotion of your business or promotion of your products for marketing you upload articles/products pics/ etc. they should be larger in size and look prominent and clear to the visitor. This is one of the important steps by doing this step you have a chance of getting more likes and comments on your products images or articles. This is one of the key steps in face book marketing.

2) Pages should be updated regularly:
The second step you should follow is that you interact with your page regularly there are billions of companies which have created their professional and business face book pages for the same purpose you that you have created the face book page and they update them regularly. And the most t important thing that most of us think that by updating face book pages regularly doesn’t matter in any fact of success then you are totally wrong. Because the more you update the page the more is the chance of getting higher traffic on your professional page and your chance of ranking also increases. This is also on one of the important step for getting higher traffic in a simple way.

3) adding a face book sharing button on the website:
This is quite important for your website to get marketed efficiently on face book b making a share button available at all of the posts/articles even images of your website. The great website word press allow you to enjoy this plug in .you just need to install it and get adjusted or attached with your face book page  by using some special code.
The basic purpose of adding sharing button on your website’s pages is to maximize the chances of generating more genuine traffic and more highly traffic to your website from the face book platform.

4) Let the like button help you grow your fan base:
A like button which is a base of face book marketing which is always available on each face book commenting or posting. This is a very efficient and useful marketing strategy to generate huge traffic from face book towards your website. If you are updating your page regularly then there many huge traffic will come to your page regularly and by allowing the let the like button your website fan page will grow consistently and in fabulous manner.
There is also a another way by sharing some funny jokes and quotations on your page regularly for getting huge amount of traffic
That’s all folks by using these simple tips and tricks you can enjoy or grab a lot of success and huge traffic to your blog easily.
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Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq