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Whenever anybody thinks about something like starting up something on a new blog the first thing which come in to his mind is that what plat form should he or she chooses whether it should be blogger or word press.

Basically in the blogging world there are hundreds of platforms which give many facilities like the blogger and word press but these are the most prominent one and in simple words you can say that they are the front leaders of the blogging platform but there are many differences between these two platforms

So let’s find out that what are the difference between these two platforms which are known as Blogger and Word press
Note: - the most important thing the Google Adsense account approval is much faster than blogger like if you are using word press then you have a quick chance to grab the ad sense account easily and quickly .on the other hand on blogger platform normally it almost takes 6-8 months for the ad sense account approval.

Now we will discuss some merits demerits and some ugly parts of blogger and word press .so now let’s proceed to the article to know about some difference between these two platforms:

What Are Merits Of Using Blogger?

1) The best thing about blogger is that it is totally free you don’t need to spend any penny on buying up a server yes this is true you can easily start your blog on blogger without any investment it’s free of cost just you have to buy a domain and put it to your blogger that’s all your blog is now active and live. Especially the time and speed of blogger will never go down.
2)  Secure
 Your blogger account can only accessed by Gmail so it’s not so easy to hack a Gmail account as we all know so it’s not even easy to hack blogger account as well where as the word press is not so much safe as compared to blogger you may find some SQL or loophole in the search bar.

3) SEO
as we know that blogger is hosted by Google itself so in some case the search engines will give some preferences to blogger instead of word press the blog post of the blogger can be indexed by the search engine very quickly and on the other hand on word press it takes so much time.
4) Easy Template Management
it’s very easy to maintain for this you don’t need to be a programmer or coder its layout and template is so easy that you can easily understand it you just need to upload a  premium theme which almost consists of 10-12kb hardly

What Are demerits of using Blogger?
1) With blogger you can earn a limited amount of money because in this you can’t create a brand you just insert some information with your articles juts all so it is limited where as word press is not limited.

2) As we know that blogger is hosted by Google itself and we know that blogs many times deleted or suspended without any reason if you want to set up a permanent care in blogging then  you need a self hosted account server on word press rather then Google hosted it with word press it is safe and permanent.
What are the merits of using WORD PRESS?

1) Word press is a brand

As we know that the blogger is not a brand but the Word press is "brand” it is not just a simple blog with word press you are just not limited to some facilities like Google ad sense article writing inserting some information no you can do many other thing such as you can develop your own e-commerce site can join some affiliate marketing programs and many other campaigns it is very vast as compare to blogger.

2) Plugins
The best thing ins word press is that you can create your own plug-in and even you can customize it according your need.

We can convert our word press website into e-commerce site by a famous plug-in name as woo-commerce plug-in and if you want to increase your traffic then try a plug-in name as optin-monster plug-in, but this plug-in is not free you just have to spend a little bit amount to grab this handsome plug-in so the plug-in have many extra facilities so these plug-in are very useful in word press.

3) Word press Is Not Free But Premium
like blogger it is not free in word press the first thing you should do is that buy a web server so you can host your word press site or blog .like blogger it also have templates but these are not free although you can some support from its developers or even you edit the given PHP codes by yourself if you are a programmer or coder.
What are the demerits of WORD PRESS?
1) Word Press is more difficult than blogger it’s features are quite interesting   and attractive than blogger but far more difficult also than blogger so you have to learn this more concisely.

2) For word press you need a host provide ras blogger is hosted by Google itself so for this you also need to learn that how to install word press and then different themes on it.

3) One more thing about word press that it is far more expensive it costs you much more.

In Conclusion

In the end of this article I must say that these 2 plat forms are the best plat forms and it’s very difficult to compare between these two because Blogger has its own merits and demerits where as Word press has its own.

The blogger has simple core functions which is quite easy for the newbie’s and on the other hand word press has many extensive features and functions which can be learn very easily as well so both platforms are awesome and great.

Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq