Android Phone vs Iphone vs Windows Phone


Ok now if you are looking for more guidance like which mobile operating system is best for you or which you should buy?
Is the IPhone really a better choice or the Android phone is more efficient than this one?? And what is the story behind the Windows phone and even Black Berry is more interesting choice.
Believe me these are very great questions which may come in your mind always whenever you go in to market to buy some phone.
So to get started on which phone is the best and efficient phone to buy here is a quick primer method on.  
1) iPhone
2) Android
3) Windows Phone (sorry, Black Berry, you've lost your momentum).

IPHONE Aspects:
First we look some of IPhone aspects which are as follows:
•    It Runs Apple’s IOS 5 operating system.
•    It has the availability on all the three carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint.
•    It is available on three types of storage devices such as 16,32,64GB.
•    It has easiest compatibility with ITunes, Apple ecosystem &  
•    3.5-inch screen (on the smaller size by today's standards) most imp
•    Easily Approachable, but it is not very customizable.
•    It has stupendous 8-megapixel camera, colorful Siri voice

Android Aspects
  Now we will look further to some of Android aspects
•    It is Google's mobile operating system.
•    Its Availability on all carriers as well as all shapes & all sizes.
•    It’s capabilities Ranges from budget to super premium.
•    Not all the Android phones are equal in all aspects neither they  
   created equal in all capability:
•    Some have excellent cameras, screens, touch etc. Some don't have.
•    It has Easiest compatibility with Google services, Google Music,
   other Android devices.
Now we look its interface
>> it Varies by manufacturers, it has a small learning curve.
•    Free navigation of voice just by turning with directions.
•    It is very customizable.

Windows Phone Aspects
    Now the last and the most attractive windows phone aspects:
•    It is Microsoft's mobile operating system.
•    Its availability like all other also available on all carriers, all shapes,
   all sizes.
•    AT&T has the largest and best selection
•    It has all the capabilities some of its capabilities are as follows:
•    Mostly mid-range,
•    solid performers.
•    Minimum 5-megapixel camera(maximum can upto 41 as well)
•    It has Easiest compatibility with
•    Zune
•    Xbox Live
•    Microsoft services like Microsoft Office, Sky Drive online storage.
•    Its Interface is Very straight forward, but like all it also had some  
   hidden capabilities as well
•    It has Clean interface.
•    It has built-in bar code-scanning and also music identification.
•    X-box Live integration and voice actions and plenty more.

Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq