9 Easy Ways to Help you Burn more Fat Rapidly

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   These 9 easy ways will help you burn more fat rapidly

Know how:

Getting rid of extra fat and losing weight is not a quick goal that you can achieve in just a few days by swapping few things in diet and doing a little workout. However, you can speed up the process of burning fat by going an extra mile like following these easy ways in your daily life.

1. Don’t miss daily walks:

Walking is the easiest way to workout and is quite effective for shedding off some fat.  If you can’t totally give up on your daily heavy diet intake then you’ll need to burn more calories for weight loss, therefore incorporating a habit of walking to cover a significant distance into your daily routine will help you get rid of extra calories.

Extra fat storage around your belly is putting you at increased risk of diabetes and heart diseases with the passage of time which is why you should avoid all day sitting lifestyle and actually go for some physical activity. These daily walks count a lot as they boost rapid fat burn to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

walking burns fat, walking for weightloss

2. Keep the stress at bay:

I know.. I know, that no one is really fond of stress but somehow it creeps into our lives. However, you need to keep stress at bay as it’s linked to belly fat. Actually, brain signals for the release of Cortisol (catabolic hormone) in the body whenever one is stressed. So aside from reducing tension, this cortisol also promotes the breakdown of lean muscle tissues and visceral fat cells production in the body which leads to the formation of stress belly.

stress causes weight gain.

3. Get your beauty sleep:

Studies showed that sleeping patterns also affect weight gain & loss. Lack of sleep can result in disrupting hunger hormones which may lead to weight gain. So on average 8-9 hours sleep per night is what you should get for a healthy body and mind. It also aids in reducing stress and hormonal effects. Match your sleeping schedule with this and if you’re lacking behind a few hours then make sure to go bed little earlier and limit usage of cellular devices before or on the bed.

sleeping for weightloss

4. Check what you’re eating:

Obviously what you eat has a direct relationship with your weight gain so check out the nutritional values of your daily intake and keep the calculated amount of calories record that you should restrict yourself to. Bring the following changes in your diet for burning fat rapidly to reach the ideal goal.

  • Cut Refined Carbs such as white bread, pastries, cereals, pastas and other processed foods rich with refined carbohydrates. They have a high glycemic index and are one of the main reasons for belly fat and instant weight gain. Switch to whole grains instead.

  • Take a high-protein diet such as eggs, almonds, oats, legumes, seafood, meat, milk, and other dairy products. It promotes lean muscles tissue building.

  • Eat fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seeds. Fiber takes time to digest and keeps hunger at bay for a little longer. The more you take food filled with fiber, the fewer calories you consume.

  • Spice your diet with spices like saffron, turmeric, pepper, and nutmeg. These are known for overcoming sweet cravings and burning calories faster.

  • Eat poached things instead of frying such as eggs, fish and poultry.

  • Eat in small plates and use one with blue color. Blue dinner plates have an appetite suppressing effect.

  • whole grain, low carbs, high fiber food, weightgain

5. Drink more and more water:

Your diet plan will not be effective if this miraculous drink is not part of it. This is probably the easiest way to go. Firstly, water is free from calories and secondly, it is a natural appetite suppressor which means it can fool your hunger by filling your stomach when drank before meals.

Water flushes out waste materials from the body relieving constipation and bloating. Drinking cold water costs more energy to the body which leads to burning fat cells as well. Make sure to stay hydrated while working out so that your other body organs such as the heart and lungs work effectively.

water, flush toxins, weight loss, appetite supressor

6. Drink these healthy beverages:

Don’t fool yourself by drinking sugar-sweetened beverages like sodas, juices etc and expecting its less effect on your weight. These are not at all healthy and putting more fats around your belly. Replace them with water and caffeine-containing drinks such as green tea and sugar-free coffee.

Green tea is rich in antioxidant which burns fat cells & boosts metabolism. Lemon water is also an easy remedy drink to target fats every day. Cut more calories from your diet by ditching the sugar and cream in your coffee.

7. Increase Iron intake:

Low iron intake is a common health issue in adults and children. It is also found linked to weight gain. Iron is a necessary element for the well-functioning thyroid gland. This gland secretes hormones responsible for healthy metabolism and disrupting gland leads to fatigue and weight gain.

You can increase iron intake by consuming red meat, seafood, beans and leafy vegetable like spinach often in your diet and if not, iron supplements can help very much as well.

iron rich foods, weight loss, healthy thyroid

8. Try Fasting:

It looks hard but it’s worth to try for rapid fat burn. Fasting from sunrise to sunset like Muslims do in Ramadan will boost your metabolism and your body will burn already available fat cells to provide energy for vital body functions. You can eat light snacks or take up any energy beverage like milk as to not faint due to not eating the whole day. Fasting once in a week will start showing ideal results. However, don’t get carried away with your hunger and start up eating a lot when you end your fast.

9. Work and burn:

Working out is never off the list when it comes to losing weight and burning unwanted fat deposits. You need a couple of exercises to do every day or at least thrice in a week for best results.

  • Strength training exercises include lifting weights, squats, rows etc. These promote muscle mass building. Intense workouts leave one sweaty which is a sign of burning fat in the body.

  • Aerobic exercises include running, jumping, swimming, cycling, hiking, and kickboxing. These are also intense physical activities to make one sweat for weight loss. The good thing is that these don’t need equipment and one can easily pick a few to work out daily.

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