5 Best Wordpress Plugins for Social Networking


In this article today we will discuss about some main 5 best plugins to create social networking sites.

As we all know that plugins a re basically the part of software or it has the extra features to add some more functions and activities to your websites.

Truly speaking it’s not easy to create your own social networking site like face book or twitter but now you can add some of the main functions like chatting private messages, profile photo, moods, Video uploading, images uploading, like, follow and more with the help of these plugins.

Now we will see the best plugins and it’s features as well

List of 5 Best Plugin to Create Social networking websites

Now here is the list of some of the best Word Press plugin which allows you to create your won social networking website almost same to as face book and twitter.

1) Peepso Community Plugin

Peepso is a premium Word Press plugin,but you can also use it’s free version as well.but as we know the paid has some extra features where as free not and in this case also it’s free version has some features and some features are lacking.

Peepso is plugin which allows you some extra functions which allows you to create your social networking site easily like it allows you to Send private messages, add a friend, delete a friend and block a user etc.

Key Features

  • Activity Stream
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Extensible
  • Powerful Admin
  • Friends
  • Messages
  • Privacy
  • Chat

Download here


It is an old plugin launched about almost 3-4 years ago it is a free plugin which allows you to create social networking website with  member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more.

But it’s one disadvantage is that it does not have beautiful user and friendly interface.

     Key Features

  • Private Messaging
  • Extended Profiles
  • Activity Streams
  • User Groups
  • Friend Connections
  • Discussion Forums

Download here

3.WP Symposium

This is one the best plugin it the best alternative of buddy press it also allows you to create your own social networking website so easily just in two steps.

Many other plugins have the compatibility problems with theme but this plugin is compatible with every theme.


  • Forum
  • Activity wall
  • Private mail
  • Notification bar
  • Chat rooms

Download here

4.Halo Social Network Plugin

Halo is the second best plugin to create a beautiful social networking site like some of the best websites face book and twitter.but Halo is a premium Word Press plugin to create social networking site.

It’s free version is also available but as we know that in free version some of it’s functions lacked and you can’t enjoy its full features as well.


  • You can make Friends
  • Personal Chat option
  • Create Events like Birthday, meetup
  • Create Pages like Facebook Pages
  • Create Groups like Facebook groups

Download here

5.WP Mingle

WP Mingle is a completely free plugin, but it has also one disadvantage that it doesn’t have the beautiful interface and also some of its features are don’t work properly it has some lack of functions but although you can easily create a working community website with it.

The most important feature of it is “WP mingle simply turn your Word Press blog into a Social network website”.

Download here

So these are the best 5 plugins which allows you to create you best social networking sites.

If you have any questions then ask me freely.

Muhammad Sadeeq

Muhammad Sadeeq