13 Best and Most common Foods for Burning Fat, Know How

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     “13 Best and most common foods for burning fat, know how”

Your body saves surplus calories in different forms such as fat cells for later use and there are certain factors responsible for weight gain, one of which is triglycerides consumption. These usually come from your diet depending on what’re you eating. These triglycerides are broken into fatty acids and stored, forming fat cells and result in growing belly fat & turkey neck.

Obviously, you don’t like these two right? So what to do? you’ve not gained in one day so you can’t get rid of fats in one day too with some miracle food. However, boosting metabolism that results in burning more fat is a way to go.  

Aside from working out, you need to balance your diet by adding and increasing use of a few healthy foods that are known for burning fat and preventing its formation in the body. So for better results, check out the list of these 13 foods that are effectively known for weight loss and the best part is that all of these are quite common and usual part of the diet.

13- Dark chocolate:

Starting from universal favorite food, dark chocolate has its own perks for health due to the flavonoids and antioxidants present in the cocoa seeds.

According to the research of Louisiana State University, when one intakes chocolate, the microbes present in human gut ferment it, as a result, Polyphenolic compounds are produced which include fatty acid namely Butyrate. This acid triggers and boosts fat burning process in the body. So next time, you make a diet plan, don’t forget to add it and also remember that the ideal dark chocolate refers to the one with 70% or more cocoa content.

Dark chocolate, weight loss, fat loss

12- Eggs:

We all know how common and healthier part of the nutrition they are. Calling egg a fat killer is not at all wrong as it contains a major part of Choline, a fast fat burning nutrient. Choline inhibits fat-storage by turning off the responsible genes for it. Eggs also promote lean muscle in the body effectively stopping fat formation & storage (gym diet, remember?). Eggs are low in calories but highly nutritious which makes one feel filled for a longer period of time. They are cheap in price and you can have a number of delicious egg-dishes or recipes.

Eggs, boosts metabolism, burns fat

11- Coconut & olive oils:

Not all fats work same such as coconut oil which is known for making one skinny and slimming waistline by torching fat around it. The lauric acid along with triglycerides in coconut oil targets and burn fat. Taking 1-2 tablespoons per day is a good remedy for losing fat fast.

Another healthiest fat intake could be olive oil which also contains low triglycerides. Olive oil can helps in a certain way such as it makes you feel full, the polyphenol in it reduces inflammation and boosts metabolism which triggers fat to burn fast.

Olive, fat burn, oil, coconut oil, weight loss

10- Spinach:

This green goodness is not only the best source of iron but also contains a significant amount of folate, vitamin A and thylakoids which cure hunger and cravings, thus helps in burning fat by increasing metabolism and curbs one’s daily intake & diet routine.

spinach, fat loss

9-  Cauliflower:

Add this tasty and crunchy veggie to your diet if you want to eat more with low calories count because 1 cup of cauliflower has 25 calories approx. It will also make you feel full as it takes time to digest and eventually encouraging fat loss.

cauliflower, fat loss, fat burn, weight loss

8- Garlic:

Not just a natural antibiotic, garlic is also known for burning belly fat. It however maybe a not that fast burner but garlic can inhibit fat production in your body thanks to the allicin chemical present in it which is the very same responsible compound for its pungent smell. Chewing 1-2 cloves during diet can help you with controlling the weight gain and increasing belly fat.

garlic, fat burn

7- Oatmeal:

Whole grain carbs such as oatmeal are better than processed carbs like rice, white bread etc. They are not exactly known for burning fat but they contain a high amount of fiber which takes more time to digest and that’s why it keeps one’s hunger at bay for a longer time.

oatmeal, weight loss, whole grain

6- Berries:

Add a cup of these small edible fruits to your diet for balanced nutrition. Raspberries,  highbush blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries are rich in Polyphenols antioxidants which prevent fat formation in the body as well as promote the healthy flow of blood to muscles. Texas woman’s university study on berry consuming mice experimentation showed fewer fat cells in them. Berries can also replace cravings for sweets which helps in controlling obesity as well.

strawberries, cranberries, blue berries, rasp berries, fat burn, weight loss

5- Plums:

Red fruits are rich in flavonoids such as plums contains anthocyanins. Studies showed that these fruits with help of their phenolic compounds limit fat production in cells.

plums, flavonoid, weightloss

4- Almonds:

The good news for dry fruit lovers is that adults who consumed a quarter cup of almonds for 6 months showed a reduction in overall body mass index and weight as studied by International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders. This happened due to the amino acid L-arginine presence in almonds which torches fat. It is more effective when almonds are eaten before working out. Fats found in almonds are good for the heart as they’re monounsaturated in nature.

almonds, weight loss

3- Lemon water:

Lemon contains an antioxidant namely D-limonene in its peel, which explains why lemons are famous for fat loss. Increase use of lemon to cope with obesity and cut down your rich fat diet. Drinking more water will make you feel full so adding a few drops of lemon while you drink water can effectively help.

lemons, fat burn, belly fat

2- Green tea:

It is a known fact that many teas boost metabolism and burn fat however  Green tea actually tops the list of these teas. Green tea is rich in an antioxidant ECGC and catechin which prevents the formation of new fat cells in the body by turning off its genes and also targets existing fat cells. Pair a cup of this magical drink with your workout & diet plan for a quick result.

green tea, fat burn, weight loss

1- Coffee:

Majority starts their day with coffee because of caffeine which enhances mood and makes one feel fresh. Well, coffee is also the best metabolism booster and those who take coffee before working out are shown to lose more fat depending on the consumed amount of coffee. However, consuming a large amount of coffee may have negative effects such as insomnia or anxiousness. so opt for an ideal amount which ranges from 100-400 mg per day to get the most of it without any side effects.

coffee, fat burn

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